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Stratton Creek Wood Works' CNC Routing Services can be the perfect complement to many businesses, without the burden of the capital investment. With a 5'x12' work surface, aggregate tooling, vertical & horizontal drilling, center-to-center boring spindles, automatic tool changing spindles, 2-D and 3-D carving, and nesting, we can ensure precise and efficient routing.


Cabinet Components

Custom Panels

Architectural Components

Aviation Parts

Sign Lettering 

Business Benefits

No capital investment

No investment in skilled personnel

Reduced overhead costs

Decrease time to market

Free up personnel for custom work

Manage overflow work 

Ability to secure more jobs


2-D or 3D Carving
Automatic Tool Changing Spindles

Center-to-Center Boring Spindles

Vertical & Horizontal Drilling

5’ x 12’ Work Surface

Nesting of Parts

Aggregate Tooling


Router runs from AutoCAD

Prefer dwg or dxf files

Cost savings if CAD drawing provided


​Wood                 MDF

Plastic                Foam

Aluminum         Copper Sheet

Solid Surface     Laminates

Composites       Versatex

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