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Stratton Creek Wood Works takes great pride in the quality of our dovetailed drawer boxes. Our dovetails are machine-cut, but look hand-cut, providing the perfect complement to any cabinet. We can accommodate both standard and custom designs, offering a long list of options to achieve the desired function and appearance.




Dovetailed Drawer Box Pricing
(per square foot)

(Square Foot of sides, back and front x (price/species) + Square Foot of bottom x (price/species)= Price per drawer)

Due to the fluctuating pricing of the hardwood lumber market, we cannot hold the pricing reflected here. Until further notice, all drawer box orders will be quoted based on current market pricing

 Call for a quote for any wood species not listed above.

  • Same pricing for 1/2” or 5/8” sides

  • We use solid board, no glue-ups unless over 9” high

  • Hard maple is select white maple

  • Baltic birch bottoms are B/BB, with no footballs on face

  • Multiple plies of board make baltic birch bottoms very strong

Additional Pricing

(per drawer)

For a printable pricing PDF, click here.



Dovetailed Drawer Box

Order Policies


Orders can be placed via email to Justin Sandrock via email or fax 330-876-0032. Also at mail@strattoncreek.comAn order form is available below.


Order specifications and pricing will be quoted via email or fax.
To avoid errors, orders will not be placed into production until specifications are reviewed and approved by our client. Approval
can be provided via email or fax.

Lead Time

The estimated SHIP date of orders will be provided
in our quote.It is advised that customers submit
orders 30 days prior to the date needed.


If orders require a shorter lead time than quoted,
a 20% up-charge will be added to the total.


All shipments are FOB and shipped via the most cost
effective and safe way. UPS is our primary shipping provider. Common Carriers will be utilized for larger orders if deemed
more cost effective for our client.


All shipments should be inspected for accuracy and damage
UPON ARRIVAL. Stratton Creek Wood Works is not responsible
for shipments that are not signed for as damaged upon arrival.

If your shipment is damaged:

  • Tell your UPS driver that you are accepting shipment, but that it is damaged

  • Take pictures of the damaged outside box, the damaged drawer box and the UPS label

  • Contact Stratton Creek immediately to enable the claims process

Although we strive for 100% accuracy and quality, if errors are made we will re-build and ship replacements immediately at no charge. If inaccurately built, please contact Stratton Creek immediately to initiate the re-build process.
Order Form

Order Form

Dovetailed Drawer Box

Order Form

For the printable order/quote form PDF, click here.

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