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Stratton Creek is proud to offer custom Versatex fabrication services to homeowners and builders alike. Custom Versatex cellular PVC is a durable and relatively maintenance-free alternative to wood. 

Stratton Creek couples a state-of-the-art technology program with the finest PVC material available on the market to provide only the highest quality PVC millwork. Stratton Creek has been creating beautiful products such as window surrounds, decorative brackets, water tables, spires, and rail-systems out of custom Versatex PVC for over six years. 

Add custom Versatex Millwork for performance and beauty on ANY commercial project or on your own home!

  • Ornaments & Brackets

  • Louvers & Shutters

  • Windows & Surrounds

  • Trellises & Pergolas

  • Pilasters & Spires

  • Gingerbread & Ornaments

  • Custom Mouldings & Water Tables

  • Railing Systems

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